Welcome to Music!

My name is Betsy Jones, and I am the Music Teacher at Annie Belle Clark. I am so happy to be teaching your child this year. I am excited to tell you about some of the websites we have been using in Music class and would like to give you the links so your child can enjoy them at home.


Resource websites:



QuaverMusic is a wonderful resource for our Music classes that incorporates the Promethean Board into Music Curriculum.

There are a few Quaver Apps that you can use on the iPad or iPod Touch;

“QNex”, “QAstroNotes” and “QDancer”, but they are not all “Free” apps. The websites are FREE and you can help your child set up a “Username” and “Password”.



Music Express Magazine’s website is full of fun resources, including choreography that we use in our classes and programs. There are great resources featuring modern songs, fun games, and activities. When you go to the website, click on “Resources”, then go to “John’s Choreography”.



This website has samples of the songs that we sing in class.



Music Theory Lessons 



Looking forward to a GREAT year!


Betsy Jones bjones@tiftschools.com