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Birthday Book Club

We began a new tradition a few years ago at ABC – the “Reading Roundup Birthday Book Club”.  It has been a huge success, and we hope it will be again!  This program is designed to honor students on their birthdays while adding new books to our media center collection.
Joining this club makes your child eligible to select a book to be placed in our media center in his or her honor. You can join the Birthday Book Club at any time--- even if your birthday has already passed. Just let us know!

Here's how it works:

  1. Return the attached form indicating your desire to participate in the Birthday Book Club.  On or near your child’s birthday he or she will be called to the media center to select a book.  The media specialist will provide a selection of age appropriate books for the child to choose from.
  2. A bookplate will be placed in the book indicating that the book was donated in your child's name and in honor of his/her birthday. The date of the birthday will be included. 
  3. Near the end of each month we will have “The Reading Roundup”.  Someone from Longhorn’s restaurant, one of our adopt-a-school partners, will be here to present books to students during the morning WABC News.
  4. Finally, he or she will be the first person to check out the book and may take it home to share with you.  When it is returned, it will be placed in the media center for all the students at Annie Belle Clark to enjoy!

If your child has a summer birthday, please consider choosing a date during the school year to honor him/her or during the month of May right before school is out. We don't want the birthdays of these students to be unrecognized!  Also, we have had many students donate books in honor of teachers, our principal, etc.  This is a great and lasting gift to our whole school.

We are confidant that your child will be delighted to be honored in this way, and the ABC media center collection will continue to grow.  Thank you for your support.  If you have any questions, contact Sandy Hudgins at 387-2410.