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Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Guardians,


As our football program continues to enjoy success in the playoffs, we are also in the midst of multiple other school activities.  This Friday, with the combination of fishing, swimming, wrestling, cheerleading, band, and yes football, we currently have over 100 faculty, staff members, and bus drivers directly or indirectly involved in these programs that will need additional time to safely travel and/or transport our students not only home but also to appropriate extracurricular activities.  Currently we are short drivers and substitute teachers to accommodate not only the needs of extracurricular activities but to adequately instruct and supervise our student body.

In addition to the large number of faculty and staff needed for supervision, we are experiencing a large volume of students requesting early release for safe travel.  The combination of faculty, staff, and approved student absences in conjunction with Thanksgiving opportunities, has prompted the call for a half day of school this Friday, November 17, 2017.  See schedule below:


11:30 AM - Car riders, early buses, & daycare vans

11:45 (approx.) -Bus 022

12:00-Late bus riders

All students must be picked up by noon.