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Media Center

The Annie Belle Clark Media Center is centrally located in our school, making it easily accessible to all classrooms.
Because of our flexible schedule, you might find students from Kindergarten to Third grade in the media center at the same time. A class may be enjoying a story while other students are checking out books, doing research in our growing reference center, or exploring the latest information available to them on the Internet.
The Annie Belle Clark Media Center is a great place to find wonderful books for recreational reading, as well as a collection of books for research. You can also access the latest news around the world in our media center, as well as websites on our computers.
Students are welcome to come to the media center whenever they need to select new materials. Books may be checked out for a one-week period. Magazines are also available. Reference books are generally not circulated. Any item may be renewed. Fines are only due when an item is lost or damaged. Students who do not pay fines or fail to return material may have borrowing privileges restricted for a period of time. It is our hope that our students will become responsible users of the media center materials.
One tool we use at Annie Belle Clark Primary to motivate students to read more books is the Accelerated Reader Program. This reading enrichment program combines great children’s literature with a computer-based testing program. As an individualized reading program, it allows each student to move at his/her own pace and level of ability while motivating students to read. Students can choose a book and after reading it take a computerized test that measures the student’s comprehension of the book. After taking the quiz, the student earns a given number of points based on the point value of the book and their performance on the quiz. At the end of each 9 weeks students visit the AR store and are awarded prizes based on the number of points they have earned.